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About Us

The BID works to improve and provide special benefits to properties in Century City’s central business district. With a 5 year renewal through 2027 and budget of over $8 million dollars over the 5 year period, the BID implements activities and services that enhance commerce and increases pedestrian flow in the district. This improvement effort includes CLEAN, SAFE and BEAUTIFUL services and activities above and beyond what the City of Los Angeles currently provides.

Our Start and Governance

The BID was formed by a coalition of property and business owners and was established pursuant to the California “Property and Business Improvement District Law of 1994”, as amended. The City of Los Angeles has contracted the CCBID Association to manage and operate the BID, which has a governing Board of Directors. The Board of Directors will review BID budgets and policies and file required reports with the City Council, work closely with the District 5 Council Office and the City Clerk’s Office of the City of Los Angeles.


We are a non-profit, 501 C-6 tax exempt corporation. Funding comes directly from property owners in the BID area, through levies assessed on their real estate tax bills twice each year. These assessments are calculated based on each property’s special benefit from identified services or activities and their relative cost. The assessment calculation is based on building and lot square footage.

Benefit Zones

Within the BID are three benefit zones. Each zone pays its proportionate share of maintenance and services. In other words, any zone that receives an enhanced level of services pays the cost for those enhanced services.

The Premium Zone, in general, includes every parcel with frontage along Avenue of the Stars.

The Standard Zone includes every other parcel within the district, except for Fox Studios.

The Fox Studios Zone includes solely the Studio’s parcel.

The Premium and Standard Zones receive the same security, maintenance, and capital improvements services. The Premium Zone receives additional services for the Avenue of the Stars median and fountains, while Fox receives the same services as the Premium Zone on Avenue of the Stars adjacent to the Fox lot.

The History of Century City

The partnership of Tom Mix, the silent movie era cowboy superstar, and William Fox, the founder of Fox Film Corporation, begins the storied history of Century City. Tom Mix, already an established actor, joined Fox Studios in 1917, just 2 years after the studio was founded. The partnership proved lucrative for both Mr. Mix and Mr. Fox, with Tom Mix becoming a star and Fox studios becoming a major player in the movie industry. Read more at the Century City Chamber of Commerce website

Adapted from “History of Century City” by Craig Owens.

The Century Plaza Towers

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Copyright 2020 Century City BID Association | Privacy Policy