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Welcome to the Century City Business Improvement District

The Century City Business Improvement District Association (CCBID) works to improve and provide special benefits to properties in Century City’s central business district. With a 5 year renewal through 2027 and a budget of over $8 million dollars for the 5 year period, the CCBID implements activities and services that enhance commerce and increase pedestrian flow in the district. This improvement effort includes CLEAN, SAFE and BEAUTIFUL services and activities above and beyond what the City of Los Angeles currently provides.

Centered among some of LA’s most prestigious and sophisticated communities—Beverly Hills, Westwood, and Santa Monica—Century City is its own premier location and continues to attract new establishments. With over 2,500 businesses in every industry and over 40,000 employees and residents, Century City offers world class dining, hotels, and shopping, as well as down-to-earth fun for the family. Whatever you’re looking for—maybe the sirloin at Craft, a trinket at Tiffany’s, a movie at the AMC Theater, or a free concert on the lawn—Century City offers it all.

Executive Committee Meetings

Thu, May 21, 2024 at 3 p.m. – Agenda

Click HERE to read the CCBID Management Plan for 2023-2027.

Security Team

Bike Ambassador Projects

The CCBID’s Ambassador/Security Team began service in 2009. We retain Allied Security as our vendor for the service. The CCBID provides two (2) UNARMED officers as follows:

• Monday – Wednesday: 7 am to 4 pm on Bike, 4 pm to 7 pm in the Car
• Thursday – Friday: 7 am to 4 pm on Bike, 4 pm until 11 pm in the Car
• Saturday: 3 pm until 11 pm in the Car

The Safety Officers will provide Ambassador & Safety service for the Century City BID district by:

• Providing patrol of the public areas, within the BID boundaries
• Conducting crime prevention activities in the public areas of the BID
• Monitoring all public areas/streets within the boundaries of the BID
• Taking appropriate actions and reporting incidents to the BID
• Reporting suspicious activity, criminal actions, and emergencies to LAPD
• Responding to non-violent calls for service from the district, within the BID boundaries
• Providing community outreach to those in need

The Safety and Community Outreach Officers are wearing the Green CCBID District Safety polo shirt while patrolling the District by foot, bicycle or in an Allied cara during the above-specified hours. The Safety officers are not to be a replacement for any security on any privately-owned property, but are meant to be ambassadors and the ‘eyes and ears’ for the district.


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